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One Love One Sai by R2 Children

01 Chant the Name of Lord Ganesha


02 Start the Day with Love


03 Sathya Sai Mother of Bliss


04 Two Little Eyes


05 Everyone is my Brother


06 Dont Worry Be Happy


07 Unity in Sathya Sai


08 I Love God and God Loves Me


09 Human Values Medley


10 One Light One Sun


11 Keep My Eyes


12 I Love you so Baba


13 Educare


14 Make your Life A Rose


15 Lead Us from Darkness into Radiant Light


16 I look to the Mountains


17 There is a world of Love


18 You Gotta Sing When the Spirit Says Sing


19 Sai Baba will Never Let You Go


20 Sun is shining on the Mountain


21 Oh I know the Lord


22 We are the Youth


Unity Of Faith

SSE Unity Of Faith - 2012