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Meditation Resources

Jyothi (Light) Meditation

"If people desire to transform their lives, internal as well as external, into one of splendor, meditation is the best spiritual discipline (sadhana) they can adopt.... One's life also assumes a new splendor when one visualizes and realizes bliss in the awareness of the Supreme Reality (satchidananda) through a mind and intellect (manas and buddhi) that is purified and transformed by means of meditation (dhyana). ... When the taste of meditation is once discovered, one will discard all doubt and discussion thereon and engage oneself fully in it. Therefore, begin meditation, each one of you, today – even from this moment."

- Dhyana Vahini, Chapter 1, The Power of Meditation 

"For one who desires to practice dhyana or meditation, it is advisable that Jyothi (divine light) is taken as the dhyeya or object of meditation . . . Jyothi or light does not perish or change. Moreover, a flame can kindle a million others without getting extinguished and is therefore inexhaustible.

- Summer Showers In Brindavan, 1979

The divine light (Jyothi) illumines Heaven and beyond and reveals even Brahman. That which makes known by its splendor the era preceding the origin of living beings and the regions beyond even the farthest and the highest, "That" is indicated by the word Jyothi. It shines in that supremest among supreme regions. ... Note also that the same divine light (Jyothi) shines everywhere, at all times, and in all beings. It comprises existence (sat), illumination-knowledge (chit), and joy-bliss (ananda). ... All these activities are prompted and promoted by Brahman, which is divine light itself. Divine light is the principle, the phenomenon of illumination in all its aspects.

- Sutra Vahini, Chapter 10 

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An audio file of Jyoti Meditation can be accessed here:

Jyothi Meditation