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    There is only one religion, the religion of Love     


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Center Officer Training

SaiRam Embodiments of Divine Love,

"Do not doubt your destiny: it is to merge in the Highest Wisdom, Power, and Love. Do not waver or stay away. At every step, inquire, discriminate, and search for Truth. Be self-reliant, bold and free. Know that you are the instruments of God in a Divine Task and so there is no justification for weakness or vacillation. Be an example to others in humility and devotion. Do not scatter advice without the authority of practical experience. Love, cooperate, serve. Your Office is a call for spiritual exercise, a reminder of your being under My care and direction." SSS 09-35: 22-11-1969

The Officers Orientation and Training Workshop is mandatory for center and group officers. Please register as soon as you can.


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Sai-lent Retreat, March 22-24

The 2019 Sai-lent Retreat is being held on March 22-24 at the Claymont Court's Great Barn in Charles Town, West Virginia. It is only an hour's drive from Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. It promises wonderful Satsang and provides a time to "tune-in" in to our beloved Swami's divine energy. This is a time of renewal, peace, learning, and spiritual transformation.

The retreat starts on Friday at 7:00PM, Ends Sunday at 1:15PM. We have a wonderful speaker, time to just wind down and relax, nature hikes, and other activities.

We have comfortable accommodations (heat in the rooms), delicious vegetarian/vegan meals, and beautiful countryside that the Native Americans consider scared.

The registration site is now open. It includes the program and many additional details. Please register at:


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